Gains at Weigh In

There was a good thread about experiencing a gain at weigh in.

EDITORIAL: Before considering making any changes to your targets or the system, make sure you are actually following the system as written. That said, under PointsPlus for 2012 you can change your target downward by 3 daily points (but never lower than 26).

Also: For more on the changes to PointsPlus made for 2012 see this third party article.

Another Day, Another Too Many Points Thread

At least once a day, we get a post from someone saying they think WW gave them too many points.

If you provide the correct information (age, height, and current weight), the system WILL give you the appropriate number of daily points. While that number may seem high to you, it will be correct. As you lose weight (or have a birthday), you will be asked to update your information and your points will be adjusted accordingly.

Enjoy the points while you have them!

Reminder about the program: You are not required to eat every point assigned as long as you eat the minimum (26 DPT) and get in all of the good health guidelines (GHGs). That said, Weight Watchers is meant to be a lifestyle change, not The Biggest Loser or a crash diet.

For new folks starting out, check out our newbies page. If you are interested in getting a sense of the science about how many points you are assigned see this article or Steve0Mania’s deep thought series.

Too Many Points Strikes Again… Sample Targets and Why Weight Watchers Got it Right

It seems like people–mostly men–keep thinking that somehow Weight Watchers assigned them too high a daily PointsPlus target (DPT). Your DPT is based on your gender, height, age and weight. If you are honest about those things you will get an accurate DPT.

Here’s an example of the approximate DPT for a 40 year old male who is 5′ 10″ tall (images thanks to My Virtual Model):

A couple of things to note, first off as a person loses weight their DPT drops. As this guy journeys from 250 down to 165 pounds, he loses 16 DPT.

Second if you use the TEE calculator at this website you can get a sense of how the DPT relates to your caloric needs:

Weight BMR TEE DPT Total P* Total P * 35 calories Daily Calorie Deficit**
250 2212 3282 51 62 2170 1,112
165 1776 2668 35 46 1610 1,058

* Total P = DPT + 7 weekly P+ (of the 49) + 4 P+ for 0 P+ food, e.g. fruit.

** Daily calorie deficit = (Total P * 35 calories) – TEE

Notice what Weight Watchers did there? They cleverly assigned you a DPT that creates about a 1,000 calories a day deficit. That is 7,000 a week, or enough to lose the advertised “up to 2 pounds a week”.

Also notice that for computing the target, one PointsPlus value is approximately 35 calories. The food you eat might have a bit more calories or a bit less, but for computing the target 35 is used.