There was a nice thread on stress over at the boards. Lisa’s (Authenticity3) answer highlighted a bunch of common pitfalls from stress (small edits and reformatting for clarity here):

  • sleep poorly: and we tend to crave comfort, convenience foods when we’re tired, not to mention the pure fact of being awake more hours and how that affects our hunger levels. We also tend to move less in our general life during the day and skip workouts.
  • emotionally eat: for such emotions as the stress itself, procrastination, irritability, despair, and even self-destruction (no one else cares, why should I?)
  • mindlessly eat: because we’re so preoccupied
  • lack of planning: since we perceive ourselves as too busy to take the time.
  • lack of tracking: which often leads to feelings of failure on top of the original stress, and the attitude of “I’ve blown it already, so what’s it matter now?”
  • eating out more often: than you would otherwise, and maybe not making the best choices at restaurants.