How many AP’s “should” I be earning?

In this thread on the Weight Watchers board, Goadie Jaxon44 queries “what a good weekly activity points number is to see results.”

My response–and this may seem odd for a fitness fanatic like me–was that there isn’t one. As I pointed out in the thread, even though I work out a lot–I am in my second week of the Beachbody Insanity program–I have no idea how many AP’s I earn, on average, each week. I’d have to go back and look. I’m probably earning more on Insanity than I did on P90X, as this is all high-impact cardio. I do track AP’s, but I’m focused on getting my workouts in and on exercising for x minutes in each month, not on earning x number of AP’s.

While my fitness and weight loss goals are related, they are, in fact, different. I am hoping that the high-impact aerobics of Insanity aid in my weight loss, but I’m also hoping to strengthen my core, and build speed and cardiovascular endurance.

What are your fitness goals?