07 – How do I calculate the PointsPlus values of Alcohol?

Or I think my beer is only 1 PointsPlus… Sorry, but no.

Nutrition Information labels (NI) do not include calories for alcohol. That means you cannot compute PointsPlus® values for alcohol by reading the information from the labels on alcoholic beverages.   Many alcoholic beverages do not have NI labels.  Worse, even if you have a bottle with a NI label, you cannot use Weight Watchers’ tools to compute the PointsPlus values.

Fortunately, Weight Watchers patent applications have the raw formulas. This chart gives you a quick rule of thumb for estimating five categories of alcoholic beverages:

Beverage Typical AbV (%) Typical Serve (fl oz) Alcohol per serve (g) Est PP
Ultra Light Beer* 2.8% 12 7.8 2
Light Beer 4.5% 12 12.5 3
Beer 5.0% 12 13.9 4
Wine 12.0% 5 13.9 4
Spirits (80 Proof) 40.0% 1.5 13.9 4

* Ultra light beer tested was MGD64 other comparable brand is Bud 55. Note that the MGD64 has both fewer carbohydrates (only 2.4 g carbs MGD64 vs. 7.1 g carbs for a standard light beer vs. 13.9 g carbs for a regular beer) and less alcohol too.