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Wow, someone really wants to spam our comments… I won’t dignify the particular site by passing through their link, but not to worry their website has been perma banned. I am going to add Akismet comment filtering to reduce the spam.

Scales and their Interesting Results Today

Interesting post and thread from a 2x/day weigher with lots of interesting feedback about the ups and downs of weighing more than 1x/week recommended by Weight Watchers.

Editorial: I am personally a 1-2x/day weigher, it helps me, I don’t think it helps everyone and it is not part of WW plan. That said, most National Weight Loss Registry participants mention daily weighing as a tool to keep weight off.

Food Addiction Analogies Discussion

Interesting discussion today comparing obesity/weight problems with food addiction and some good responses. Over here on the boards.

Editorial, I agree w/ Roy (the first response to the OP) most of our food issues are not en toto comparable to addiction.

Power Foods / SFT Eligible Cold Cereals?

In this On the PointsPlus plan thread the discussion of which cold cereals qualify for Simply Filling Technique was raised with Grape Nuts in the balance, here.

The official SFT explanation here says: “Whole-grain, ready-to-eat cereals without added sugar, dried fruits or nuts, and with 4g of fiber or more per serving”

The ingredients in Grape Nuts: whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, salt, and dried yeast. The NI for 1/2 cup serving: 1 g Fat, 48 g Carbs, 7 g Fiber, 6 g Protein. (Approx 5 P+ serving).

So what say you about Grape Nuts?

What cold cereals are SFT eligible? I think Shredded Wheat, Fiber One, and Mini-Wheats (unfrosted) are the only ones WW explicitly calls out.

Good Health Guidelines (GHGs)

For reference the 8 Good Health Guidelines (GHGs) that are part of the WeightWatchers 2012 PointsPlus plan are:

  1. Fruits and veggies: 5 servings/day (9 if over 350lbs)
  2. Lean proteins: 1-2 servings/day
  3. Non-fat and low-fat dairy: 2 servings/day (3 if you’re over 50 or if you weigh more than 250 pounds)
  4. Whole grains: Instead of refined white grains prefer whole grains
  5. Liquids: 6 glasses of (non-alcoholic) drinks/day
  6. Healthy Oils: 2 teaspoons/day
  7. Multivitamin: Take one a day
  8. Reduce intake of sugar, sodium and alcohol. Alcohol limited to 1/day women, 2/day men

These little soldiers tend to get under-emphasized in the push to track and count PointsPlus values but are an important part of the program.