New to PointsPlus? Think your your daily PointsPlus target (DPT) is too high? Well read this helpful post by NewbiePoster.

Welcome to Weight Watchers! There’s a lot to wrap your head around, but here are some general observations to help you get your mental approach down. Consider this one person’s opinion, for what it’s worth.

Philosophy of Weight Watchers

  • This is not “The Biggest Loser”.
  • If this is a race, it is a marathon.
    • It is not how fast you lose, but  how long you keep at it.
    • Whether you believe it or not, the program works when you follow it.
  • You are not going to always see an immediate link between your efforts and your results, but over time you will.
  • Be honest with yourself about what effort you are putting into the program. If you are lying to yourself, you are wasting your time.
  • Accurate, honest tracking of what you eat is critical as you start. In fact, it’s critical throughout.
  • This is like horseshoes and hand grenades. If you consistently get close, you’ll win over time.

Assigned too Many PointsPlus per Day?

  • Think you’ve got too many points or you cannot eat your points, read:
  • If you still think you have too many points, go through the exercise of figuring out how many PointsPlus a “normal” pre-WW day would have. Short version; you don’t get too many points.
  • For the official WW advice on eating your points, read


  • Check for acronyms and more.
  • Ask questions: ask for help when you struggle, and then do something with the feedback you get.

And yes, there are ladies posting on the Guys message boards just like there are guys posting on the Meeting Members or Maintenance message board. Don’t get your knickers in a twist; they’ve been doing this a while and they can help you as much as anybody else. Weight loss isn’t a gender-specific thing.

Welcome, and good luck!