GoaD Cookbooks and Recommended Recipe and Dining Out Websites

Our group has put together two cookbooks:

  • GOAD 2011 Cookbook – Hint calories/35 is an approximation of PointsPlus® values
  • GOAD 2006 Cookbook – These recipes are keyed to the older Points® plans and so it maybe harder to compute the PointsPlus® values.

If you are after a good website to find recipes or get help with dining out, GoaDies recommend:

Site Name Comments
Hungry Girl Includes nutrition information needed to compute P+ values.
Skinny Taste Includes nutrition information needed to compute P+ values.
Healthy Dining Finder Website dedicated to providing nutrition information when eating out.
Exercise 4 Weightloss Dining Guide List of nutrition information for restaurants when eating out

Useful Resources

  • Steve0Mania’s Deep Thought Series – explains the science behind the PointsPlus plan and the formulas.
  • GoaDies have a Facebook Group
  • We have a President’s Challenge Team (Team 12189, Group Name: Mission Possible: GoaD)
  • Information about the formulas and Weight Watchers patents at the Wikipedia entry is quite detailed.


  • A BMI, BMR, and TEE calculator is hosted on this site.

Recipe Sites

Visit our recipe page for GoaDies favorite websites as well as our cookbook.