Thoughts From a 100-Pound Loser (7/29/13)

From TIMZCARDZ on the GOAD board on 7/29/13. Some good stuff in here. Since WW only keeps threads for some pre-determined time, I decided to post this here.

I did it! I crossed the line from double digit to triple digit weight loss! Last Monday I weighed in down 99 lbs, and this morning down 102 lbs. I crossed the “Century” mark, and that has turned back the clock on my weight by more than a decade. Just three less pounds, but they somehow have the appearance of being more significant.

Before the WTGs, etc., that certainly won’t go unappreciated, there is something of importance that I want to share.

I’ve been reading on here some that question if the effort is worth it, some newer WW, members that get worried if they have a week that they don’t lose, and others wondering if you need meetings, or can just do it online. This is specifically addressed to those.

Ten and a half months ago, I got up one morning and said “I can’t go on like this.” When I got into my office that Monday morning, I went online and joined WW. Ten and a half months, and not once have I gone off plan. I can’t comment on meetings, because I’ve never gone to one. I have no doubt though that they are useful to some, but I can say that just doing it online can be very successful. If you are committed to losing the weight, there is a way to do it that will work for you.

Like many that I read about here, at first with 71 DPs, I thought that was a lot to eat. I learned to eat enough healthy food to fill those points, and have gradually adjusted to the gradual lowering of DPs to 59. I will admit that some of the things that I eat are probably not considered “healthy”, but they are still choices that fit within the plan, and I think completely denying things that you really enjoy is a route to eventual failure.

The WPs and APs I have always tried to save for the weekend. They’ve come in handy for Friday nights when I may just want to relax and unwind with some chips and a few drinks. They’ve come in handy for things like Thanksgiving dinner, the family Christmas brunch, romantic dinners with my wife, etc.I don’t like to, and don’t try to leave DPs on the table at the end of the day, because I find that when I do, I wake up hungrier than normal. Sometimes it happens, and I have probably left as many as 25 when I got home at the end of the day just too tired to do anything but go to bed. The combination of WPs and APs, there is always some left at the end of the week. I’m not afraid to use them, it’s just that I budget them so that I have them for the weekend, and sometimes I use most of them, and sometimes I use only a few of them. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that there are enough options and choices to make that the plan is very adaptable to almost anyone’s lifestyle, except of course the lifestyle that got us into the situation that we’re trying to remedy. You can pretty much doing anything that you want, within reason, by using the plan as a budget. Like a household financial budget, sometimes you have to work a little more and save a little for that gift or vacation, in this case maybe it’s that weekend BBQ, or ice cream treat while out for a drive.

I still have a long way to go, but the plan is there to get achieve that goal. All that is left to do is to follow it. Yes, there have been, and will be, weeks where unexplicably I have no loss or even a gain, but you have to trust in the plan. Over the long haul you win.

 As I have lost, I have become more able to do things, and do more things, and as a result I have become much more active and continually earn more APs. Again, this just becomes APs in my budget. If you need or want more points, then just do more. One fringe benefit, is that I get a lot more done around the house now just trying to get more points in case I need them! Lawn mowed-check, bushes trimmed-check, deck repairs-check, etc., etc., etc.If you’re a newer WW member on these boards, than you have a great resource available to you, all the people here who have gone through or are going through what you are.

My wife gets furious with me when I let her go shopping with me. When I go shopping I bring a prepared list, and you are only permitted to get one item that is not on the list. This limits impulse buys by forcing you to make choices, and if you really want something else you can always put it on the list next time, thereby giving you time to think about it. I always tell her, “Make the list, shop the list.” You end up getting everything that you need, while limiting what you don’t.

Similarly with respect to WW, Make the Plan, Work the Plan. There are enough choices to be made that you make the plan fit your life.


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  1. From one Century Club member to another – truer words have never been spoken!! I agree with everything you said. And congratulations on your weight loss!

    Geneen Mitchell
    Lost 122 pounds so far on WW

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