Future Program Changes

A thread by Free.Bee highlighted remarks on the earnings call about planned 2013 program changes.

Quoting a bit, there is a suggestion that this will be more than the 2012 changes but less than the full switch from Points-to-PointsPlus that we saw in late 2010:

“It is definitely more significant than the change that we put in this year, which I would say was a pretty modest level of innovation.

So, I think it’s what we would typically… If I had to ballpark it, I would say it’s what I would categorize as what we’ve historically called a major innovation. So, let me kind of provide a little bit of color around my definitions. I think of innovations in three buckets. One is platform change. The next level down is major innovation, and the next level down below that is what I would call minor innovation.

I would call PointsPlus 2012 a minor innovation. I would call PointsPlus itself a platform change, platform changes typically being every 10 years. Major innovations for us have typically been every two to three years. Momentum was a major innovation. There were a number of others like it. I would put this current rate in that category. At least that’s the expectation we have for it as we’re thinking about our marketing and PR plans as we go into January. ”

You can read the full transcript on Seekingalpha.com.