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Welcome to the GOAD Website

This site was originally created several years ago, in the old Flex/Core plan days. As a result, some of the information regarding points is still linked to the old plan. However, we are working to update the entire site. If you are interested in helping administer the new site drop me (Brad) a line on the forums. As we clean house you can visit the old website here.

Please post early and post often on the GOAD forum. Let us know how you are doing, and ask the Vets for some tips and pointers. This is a great place for ideas, inspiration, encouragement and the occasional KitA (look it up!)

Follow the links to hit the area that you are interested in. If you find a broken link or wish to add something, please post it to the GOAD board so that I (Brad) can fix it on this site (can’t do anything about disappeared links on other people sites).

(Unofficial) statistics show: GUYS (that means guy-guys, girl-guys, gay-girls’n’guys, and any other guys we have failed to mention but will always include) WHO HANG OUT AT GOAD LOSE FASTER AND KEEP IT OFF LONGER!

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  1. I have that list (not huge but helped me) of food I mentioned on the “guys on a diet message board where do you want me to send it sir?

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