Too Many Points Question Strikes Again

This time over on the “On the PointsPlus Plan” program board, here.

No Georgia, you are not being given too high a Daily PointsPlus Target (DPT), NewbiePoster has a great thread on this issue which is reposted here.

[begin soapbox]The “black box” nature of the daily PointsPlus target formula is for this author one the failings of the PointsPlus plan. It is too easy for people (particularly heavy guys) to think they have received the wrong data. Because folks are expecting a diet to be an intense change in consumption and types of foods consumed 50 or 71 PointsPlus can seem like a lot. It would certainly be beneficial for Weight Watchers to post some example targets for certain individuals.  For example, posting the PointsPlus targets for a 40 year old 5′ 6″ woman at various weights and a 40 year old 5’10” man, would eliminate the majority of the “I’m allowed too many points” reaction.[/end soapbox]