Good Health Guidelines (GHGs)

For reference the 8 Good Health Guidelines (GHGs) that are part of the WeightWatchers 2012 PointsPlus plan are:

  1. Fruits and veggies: 5 servings/day (9 if over 350lbs)
  2. Lean proteins: 1-2 servings/day
  3. Non-fat and low-fat dairy: 2 servings/day (3 if you’re over 50 or if you weigh more than 250 pounds)
  4. Whole grains: Instead of refined white grains prefer whole grains
  5. Liquids: 6 glasses of (non-alcoholic) drinks/day
  6. Healthy Oils: 2 teaspoons/day
  7. Multivitamin: Take one a day
  8. Reduce intake of sugar, sodium and alcohol. Alcohol limited to 1/day women, 2/day men

These little soldiers tend to get under-emphasized in the push to track and count PointsPlus values but are an important part of the program.