Another Day, Another Too Many Points Thread

At least once a day, we get a post from someone saying they think WW gave them too many points.

If you provide the correct information (age, height, and current weight), the system WILL give you the appropriate number of daily points. While that number may seem high to you, it will be correct. As you lose weight (or have a birthday), you will be asked to update your information and your points will be adjusted accordingly.

Enjoy the points while you have them!

Reminder about the program: You are not required to eat every point assigned as long as you eat the minimum (26 DPT) and get in all of the good health guidelines (GHGs). That said, Weight Watchers is meant to be a lifestyle change, not The Biggest Loser or a crash diet.

For new folks starting out, check out our newbies page. If you are interested in getting a sense of the science about how many points you are assigned see this article or Steve0Mania’s deep thought series.