All in One BMI, BMR, TEE Calculator

Yours truly had insomnia so I’ve added a handy calculator to the site that figures out your BMI, your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and your total energy expenditure (TEE).

If you are wondering what TEE is Steve0Mania’s deep thoughts┬áseries provided information about how the number is used in setting your daily PointsPlus target (DPT).

One thought on “All in One BMI, BMR, TEE Calculator

  1. Steve0’s guide, and the calculator, are super helpful, thanks. (Glad to see the thread I posted about biking and AP’s was worthy of cross-linking, too!)

    I’m content to let WW do its “magic” but it’s easier for me to comply when I understand the underpinnings. I can worry less that the system somehow has failed to account for my special circumstances–what about serious cycling, did they account for that? What about keeping kosher for Passover, did they account for that? I like to eat apples and bananas, am I going to bust the “free” system?

    I know–as does WW!–that it’s 3500 calories per pound of fat. Period. Hit 7000 calories in net calorie deficit per week, lose 2 pounds. Don’t, and you won’t. Simple as that. Steve0’s explanation tells me what the basic calculations are–they fit with my understanding–and why.

    So I can relax, stop worrying, track points, and learn to love the bomb.

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