06 – How do I calculate activity points for exercise?

If you are using the Online Tools, then just go to the website, choose the calculator and the exercise tab. If you aren’t online or near a computer, a rough guideline is approximately 70-80 calories burned* is 1 AP (activity point). If you are at a computer and can’t find the exercise you completed on the WW calculator, try http://caloriesperhour.com. They have a comprehensive listing of exercise types (including things that arent truly exercise but household chores instead).

* There is no official confirmation from Weight Watchers of how many calories are in 1 Activity PointsPlus value. Based on the old patent for previous plan, 1 AP = 100 calories when 1 P = 50. Given that one P+ = 35 calories, that would put 1 AP at 70 under the new system. Many people use 80 to provide a greater buffer and others continue to use 100.