04 – WTF? There are women on the board!?!?

A1: The Short Answer, yes there are. Get over it!

A2: The Longer and more polite Answer: Yes, our mothers are women, some of our best friends are women and some of us are even married to women (well, usually just one at a time). And some of our favorite and most supportive “Guys on a Diet” are women. We call them girl-guys. We also have guy-guys, gay-guys and gay-girl-guys. We do strongly urge girl-guys (and all other kinds of guys) to cool it on the drama and girly topics, and remember that around here Tom and Bob are guys’ first names. If you are a guy-guy and would prefer to post a question only for the other guy-guys, just say so in your subject line, and our girl-guys will respect that and steer clear. Periodically, we have a “Men Only” thread, where our men have a safe place to discuss issues that they might not feel comfortable discussing in mixed company (or just to belch and f a r t without having to apologize.) Ladies, we respectfully ask that you leave this thread alone and do not post to it.